Sculptural Installation

I was brought in by Human Studios, a Vancouver based architecture firm, to collaborate on a feature installation for their project  with Bijan Law. We wanted to create a feature that told a story and traveled through the law office, creating different spaces along the way and a more modern inviting environment. We looked at language to drive our design focus, as language is at the heart of law. From there we looked at what words are at the essence of law, community, trust, fidelity,etc, and used the shapes and forms from the Farsi translation of these words to inform the flow and final design of this feature.  Whether designing custom furniture or sculptural installations, I am always looking for an opportunity to tell a story and create something more than just beautiful forms, want to create pieces that have inherent meaning that people can connect with and enjoy on a more personal level. This piece was made from sustainably sourced North American Black Walnut, and finished with an non toxic Eco-certified finish.

Design process and making at 1:05 in video

Photos: Brittney Kwasney

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