OSTRA coffee table



This piece was conceived in the spring of 2015 when I was up on Cortes Island B.C. taking a walk down the beach to get some oysters. As I sat there eating the raw oysters with my favorite hot sauce, I began to admire the shell and its beautiful white pearl like interior while being so rough and raw on the outside. As I looked closer and saw how the shell is formed by layers upon layers, much like the rings of a tree. It was at that moment I saw the opportunity to reflect these qualities, by complimenting the raw grain look of wood with a clean and solid pearl white. After many sketches and prototypes the final form was born, where the sides and top are made from one solid glue up making it possible for the wood grain pattern to carry through the whole piece end to end with a “waterfall” effect to give it a unified form.

Douglas Fir from a sustainably managed community forest on Cortes Island B.C.

Also available in Ash or Maple

finished with an eco-certified finishes and high wear latex no VOC enamel

Made to order and custom sizing available

40 x 20 x 16" 1650


48 x 23 x 16" 1850  (shown)

60 x 23 x 16" 1950 $CAD



Photos: Brittney Kwasney

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