LAU family table

Being a Family table I wanted the clients to be a part of the table creation, more than just helping inform the design, but actually being a part of the physical form. There were four members of this Vancouver family, Mom, Dad, and two young children, so I made a recess in the back of each leg where a piece of wood could be inlayed. I gave each family member a strip of western maple and told them to keep them in their possession for a month and decorate them however they wish and then return them to me. The family was very receptive to the idea and lived with the strips for a month and even took them with them on holidays. This is one of the most successful pieces I’ve done to date as bringing the clients into the making of the table really created something special and added so much meaning to a piece of furniture. The children were by far the most impressed and I’m told their favorite place in the house is under the table. This will stay with them and as they grow and will always be a part of their life and I would like to think this table will be past down to their children and continue to tell the story. Look no further for locally designed and made furniture in Vancouver that is made from ethical and environmentally sustainable materials and finishes.


Photos: Brittney Kwasney

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