GEODE card holder

These card holders were born from a freestyle process that enables there to be no two alike, much like the formation of minerals and stone

They are a great alternative to the generic industry card holders, as there are no two people or business's alike 

GEODE card holder

These unique wooden cardholders are made in a freestyle fashion that enables there to be no two alike, much like the natural formation of a mineral, and that is where the name came to be. These faceted cardholders are made in Vancouver B.C. from sustainably sourced Douglas Fir and finished with eco-certified plant and nut based oil. These business card holders are a great way to display your personal business cards with a unique touch. They also make a great corporate gift for your clients and customers. For larger orders (25+) we will laser etch your brand onto the bottom. A great way to promote your brand and value your clients and ensure that there is always a reminder of you and your business right in front of them at all times. Check our online store for more details

Photos: Brittney Kwasney

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