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Expanding dining table

I was approached by some wonderful clients that wanted a custom dining table that would seat 8 people and expand to 12 seats for holidays and dinner parties. They wanted the convenience of the expansion tops to be hidden in the table while looking like a complete non expanding table. Having the feature be more of a surprise. This was a challenging feat, especially considering they desired a light feel to the table with no additional supports or cross rails under the table. In the end the final piece was all that they desired and will be enjoyed by all for years to come. Made from sustainably sourced Western Maple and finished with an eco-certified food safe finish.

Custom made expanding dining table, designed and made in Vancouver B.C.
Cstom made expanding dining table in Vancouvr BC
custom made 12 person dining table, hand made in Vancouver B.C.
expanding ding table made from western maple
modern expanding dining table that is a perfect fit for the contemporary home
hidden leaf storage for custom made expanding dining room table
8 person table that expands into a 12 person ding table. Custom made for clients in Vancouver B.C.

Photos: Brittney Kwasney

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If you have a specific piece in mind, please reach out below and let me know what it is that I could create for you and answer any questions you may have. Even if you are not quite sure what it is you are looking for yet, please reach out and we can get the conversation started and I can help you flush out some ideas. All consultations and quotes are free of charge. If you would prefer to call, please feel free to call at anytime.

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