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Entry Bench

My clients came to me with a rough idea of what they wanted for a custom Entry Bench for their new home in Vancouver B.C. Through a back and forth design process the design was born from all the criteria they wanted, drawer for items like dog leashes, shoe rack, and a surface to places keys and other items to grab on the way out the door. All of these considerations dictated the final form in layout and dimensionality. From there I let the language of the material dictate the styling of the piece. When working with Black Walnut, I find it naturally speaks Mid-Century Modern or Art-Deco and rather than going with my regular west-cost modern look, I use the language of these genres to help bring the piece to what I hope is an honest design outcome of both materiality and function, while giving it my own interpretation of these genres.

Custom Black walnut entry bench
Custom Black Walnut entry bench with drawer and side table
Custom Black walnut entry bench with shoe rack and side table
Custom Black walnut and Brass entry bench with shoe storage and side table
Designer entry bench with side table and drawer
custom made entry bench with soe rack and storage
luxury entry bench made for the rich

Photos: Brittney Kwasney

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If you have a specific piece in mind, please reach out below and let me know what it is that I could create for you and answer any questions you may have. Even if you are not quite sure what it is you are looking for yet, please reach out and we can get the conversation started and I can help you flush out some ideas. All consultations and quotes are free of charge. If you would prefer to call, please feel free to call at anytime.

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