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CREDO side tables

A very simple design using as little material as possible to achieve a clean, strong, and durable design. They are designed with the ever shinking dwelling size in mind. The narrow surface allows for them to be combined with sofas and chairs easily in a modern condo.

concrete side table

TOP:       Concrete 3/4" x 10" x 30"


LEGS:      Sustainably grown, managed,

              and harvested second growth

              Douglas Fir from Cortes Island


HEIGHT: 24" and 19"


FINISH:   All finishes are 100% eco-friendly

              and are food and children safe

              Comes in choice of natural or

              white wash finish




concrete side table, wood side table, skinny side table
skiny side table, skinny side table, concrete side table,

photos: Brittney Kwasney

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