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CREDO coffee table

This table was born from the idea of simplicity in creation and ease of customization. It is designed to last at the very least 100 years. After years of living and use, the bottom and top surfaces can be quickly interchanged with quick release hardware , and after both surfaces have seen their fare share of mornings, parties, spilled drinks and childrens graffiti they can easily be refinished by owner or professional and put back together. The concrete ends will last forever under typical conditions, and pose no harm to the environment should they come to the end of their life

Modern concrete coffee table made for the modern home
Custom concrete and wood coffee table, made in Vancouver B.C.
designer concrete coffee table made in vancouver B.C.



ENDS:      concrete


TOPS:       sustainably grown, managed,

                and harvested second growth

                Douglas Fir from Cortes Island


FINISH:    All fineshes are 100% eco-friendly

               and are food and children safe


HEIGHT:  16"


WIDTH:   24"





photos: Janine Merkl

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