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CERCO balcony table

concrete patio table


TOP:      concrete 1.75" x 26"


LEGS:     sustainably grown, managed,

              and harvested second growth

              Douglas Fir from Cortes Island


HEIGHT:  29"


Custom heights are availiable anywhere from 18" to 42" side tables, cafe tables, bar tables

concrete patio table

photos: Jacquie Shaw

Using materials' strengths and weeknesses to define my forms is one of my main driving factors when creating. I wanted to emphasize the liquid state that concrete has prior to setting up. I find this to be one of concrete's most attractive and personal qualities. This design was born in mind  with the way in which most of us live in this city, small condos, and wanted to provide a table that could withstand the elements and give an comfortable alternative to the typical outside furniture.

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