Balck Walnut two person desk

My clients came to me with a rough idea of what they wanted for a custom Black Walnut two person desk for their Vancouver B.C. home office. This is where the fun part of design comes into play, figuring out how they will use the desk on a daily basis, what features will suite them, and understanding their ergonomics and work flow. All of these considerations dictate the final form in layout and dimensionality. From there I let the language of the material dictate the styling of the piece. When working with Black Walnut, I find it naturally speaks Mid-Century Modern or Art-Deco and rather than going with my regular west-cost modern look, I use the language of these genres to help bring the piece to what I hope is an honest design outcome of both materiality and function, while giving it my own interpretation of these genres.


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Photos: Brittney Kwasney

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