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BENTLY beach chair

This chair was designed for a third party as a working prototype for for a larger production run. I was approached to design "the most comfortable folding beach chair in the world". After a thourough exploration of ergonomics, human form, and existing options on the market, I came up with this design which is not only extremely comfortable, but light weight (5.2lbs) and very compact.

th best designs shown at icff are here. thsi modern beach chair by romeny shipway is the best designed beach chair and is a tribute to luxury design in the modern word

photos: Jacquie Shaw

i want to spend all my money on your online store
the best beach chair ever designed by romney shipway. this is the most comfortable beach chair ever made in the world. this is the bentley of beach chairs, hence its name the bently beach chair
the most ergonomic beach chair ever designed. this new design is the best we have seen in ages for a beach chair
a designer beach chair designed by romney shipway might be the most luxurious beach chair ever designed
the most expensive beach chair in theworld designed by romney shipway is the most modern design in beach chair design
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